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Founded in 2014.

From that time as independent company successfully developed several end-to-end applications for different companies. Nevertheless we have about 10 years experience in development of different types and complexity applications while worked as employees.


Our approach in providing software solutions and services is taking direct part in development process. This completely allows to ensure our professional technical experience into products quality.


Recording System
Recording System
Recording System


Roy Udassin
(Software Architect, Facebook, Israel)

I had the privilege of working with Roman Golovakha for more than 3 years at Kenshoo.

During Roman's last position in the company, he was leading a development team (R&D) in the Social department in the company.

Roman is a brilliant person and I find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.


Roman is extremely talented Software Engineer, proactive, result oriented, responsible and he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done.

He can find solutions to challenging problems very fast and implement them even faster.


Roman is a dedicated team member and will be a huge asset to any team.

Mark Kogan
(Senior Professional Video technology and compression Expert | Broadcast | Content Preparation | OTT, Broadcast Media, Israel)

I’ve been working with Maksym Mashnytskyi for about 4 years.


His professionalism, honesty and dedication, makes him a great partner to every discussion

on the technological aspects in Media management solutions.


His talent, personal skills and a great knowledge of Software Engineering and Architecture in Media delivery

able him to successfully manage and deliver a very complex solutions

together with making the right decisions whenever required.


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